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Avatars are a new mode of instantaneous transportation that will enable us to teleport our consciousness, presence, and skills to anywhere in the world. By syncing our senses to a remotely-located physical system, avatars will enable us to see, hear, and feel in a distant environment and allow humanity to overcome the barriers of distance, time, and culture for a brighter future for all.
As this technology advances, we will soon be able to share human resources limitlessly with one another using a single avatar unit. This capability will solve the global challenge of access in our world, enabling us to get doctors, teachers, and other specialized skills to every corner of the world easily and efficiently.

Together with you, we can help to accelerate the development, adoption, and applications of the avatar technology and welcome a new, exciting world of experiences, opportunities, and possibilities.
This is the ANA AVATAR movement.
Our growing community of partners around the world are pushing the limits of what is possible to advance new technologies and applications for avatars, but they need your help.
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